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Translation Office

Last Updated: Friday, August 19 2022 10:59

Translation services are suspended indefinitely due to the passing of translator João Batista de OS Jr.


The Translation Office (ESTRA) is a subordinate body of the Chancellor’s Office. Located within the International Affairs Office.

➢ ESTRA informs that it does not offer Sworn translations; we kindly ask you to search for the Sworn Translator of the state of Piauí;

➢ In case you have been approved/accepted for international exchange mobility at any institution, attach to the following FORM the item of the Call specifically requiring the English version of an UFPI document to be translated by our Office;

➢ ESTRA offers translation/version of documents active students and staff on UFPI administration Systems; in case you are alumni, please see previous item;

➢ There is a wait-list to carry out any of our services; therefore, we kindly ask you to open a file/process via General Protocol, as per instructions from this FORM;

➢ Today, we have only one (1) Translator for the English language to comply with all demands of all UFPI campi; thus, we kindly ask you to understand and wait for the time of delivery and feasibility of carrying out your service after our initial contact via e-mail.

Translator João Batista de OS Jr. (contact on the link above)

SIAPE: 1731006 

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